Someone called me in a panic this morning at home to tell me the site was down, the computer screens covered with federal insignia and drastic threats. Black SUVS surrounding the building. One of the Team guys with connections made some weirdly quick contact with our Deep Undercover guys. There was a tense situation inside and outside our building for awhile. People I didn’t recognize talking to the feds in black suits. Then there was a mild commotion inside the biggest, shiniest, black Government Escalade. It drove off fast. Then all the suits left. And we’re humming along here like it never happened. Great to have friends. Even if you don’t know who the hell they are.

We were down a half hour tops. Suits outside the building. Deep cover guys ran them off.


The Paranormal Plexus


As the clouds are lifting, we’re hearing that some website which lists a lot of conspiracy, paranormal, and supernatural pubs and internet sites got hacked this morning too, taking down our page and a bunch of others. They’re not returning our calls. But their web address is linked up top. See what you can find. Our guys are already on it, of course.




Laird Ink


Anybody who cares to know what “author-of-it-all” R. F. Laird knows about all this, go check HIS website. I never do. Always claims he made up the punks but keeps admitting stuff about them he never wrote. Makes me mad, but maybe it’ll make you laugh.



NEW TODAY!!! September 5, 2018

One of our deep covers sent me this amazing photo. The scribble on the back identifies it as a sitroom display board from a flying squad at Scotland Yard. Taken within the last month. A “New Punk City”? Examine it yourselves.

The note on the back also reported that the Tech Center is deep underground.

NEW TODAY  (6/27/18)! Somebody sent me this file, claiming that yesterday evening the New Market Mall, long gone from Philly’s Abbott’s Square, momentarily reappeared a la the Philadelphia Experiment’s vanished ship the USS Eldridge, quavering in a state of half reality. I’m a confirmed skeptic about such things, but what do you think?

40 Years of Strange in Philadelphia

Our Mission at SSM

It was in 1978 that the music scene took an odd turn in the South Street section of Philadelphia. Punk Rockers discovered or were given a technology that enabled them to write competent prose and tell their stories. They got more than they bargained for, including a war with outlaw bikers, visits from famous writers, and a growing legend that made them a target for some of the most serious law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the world.


Then, in 1985, it all suddenly ended. The punk writers vanished from South Street in a single day in May. And their story was finished. Except for the rumors, peculiar happenings, a lingering smell of cover-up by higher-ups not known. It's a mystery still unsolved. And this is where you can grab it by the tail.

We will be compiling and studying the evidence, photos, manuscript scrolls and other documents, and eyewitness accounts from the entire time period. And you'll learn the secrets behind cryptic artifacts like this.

Stay with us as we explore the weird world of the Punks of South Street.

Latest Aquisitions of Leak Material

May 2018

See the Video and Photo Pages shown at the top of Main Page. Explanations will be forthcoming as our sources make better contact.